Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome to our blog


I'm Brenda and I decided today on a whim that we (my fiance Greg and I) were making a blog about our hobbies. We are getting married in January of 2013 and we decided to do it all ourselves. This means every weekend when I have the time off from work we've been baking all kind's of cupcakes and cakes. 

I have no experience in cake decorating but luckily Greg does from cooking school. I have been an internet recipe search hound and have come across all kinds of recipes and awesome blog's. Sharing our hobbies and our quest for our self done dream wedding seemed like a good idea. 

Feel free to ask us any question's and post any comment's you would like. I am going to warn you this is a blog so we may have some babble time when we post lol. We hope you enjoy our blog and find it interesting and helpful.

Thanks For Dropping By,

Brenda & Greg

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