Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anglo-Mexican Shepherd's Pie

April 24th 2012

   Well I appolagize for not posting a picture with tonight's post.  I made a Shepherd's Pie and we all know how messy those can be. 
   Tonight's dinner is called an Anglo-Mexican Shepherd's Pie.  I normally don't make too many of these I grew up eating it but I never really found it all that exciting.  So I just don't make it often.  I must admit it (and I hate tooting my own horn) but the pie came together pretty well.  
    I seasoned the ground beef heavily with chili powder, basil, and adobo (you'll find that I cook a lot of dishes with adobo).  I browned the beef till all was fully cooked and put into a regular size bread loaf pan.  I use any pan for cooking, however I am will not use my Wilton cake pans for anything except cakes.  So I put the beef on the bottom of the loaf pan, added a layer of corn (yes from a can, I know its wrong but its easier).  After the corn is added just add some mashed potatoes that you can cook while browning the ground beef.  After I put the mashed potatoes over the corn I  then sprinkled paprika and basil over the top of the potatoes and cooked it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  When it was done I let it cool for about 10 minutes and then served. 
    I recommend that you serve this Shepherd's Pie with either brown bread or really good hearty bread.  I love soaking up whatever juice in the bottom of the bowl.  I think you should try this, you really get a nice flavor from it.  You can try and present/plate this nicely if you'd like but I will admit it can be difficult because this has a tendency to just crumble.  If anyone has any ideas about plating this meal please let me know.  I will always take tips and comments.  Thank you I hope you enjoy.

   Now comes the waiting game till Brenda gets out of work and she tells me her opinion on how it came out.  We always try cooking new foods or give old foods different twists so I'm excited to hear what she thinks about it.

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