Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brenda and I's first vacation together.

The cabin we rented
   Brenda and I went on our first vacation together to the great state of New Hampshire.  We got up nice and early on Friday morning and left for the White Mountains.  The drive there was beautiful.  The sky was a bright blue with just the slightest touch of clouds.  I drove up to a little cabin we rented for the weekend in a little town called Twin Mountains. 
   The mountains were right in our front yard, so when we went to bed that night after a long drive we watched the sun go down over the top of Mount Washington.  The scene was absolutely breathtaking as we sat outside while we both drank a beer and I smoked a few cigarettes we enjoyed a pizza together.
The summit of Mount Washington looking down.  

   Around 8 the next morning we woke up to the chirping of birds and the rustling of trees.  We drove up Mount Washington.  The drive was beautiful but very nerve racking.  The road up the side of the mountain is barely wide enough for one car let alone two.  There are no guard rails and the sides are very steep but the views were so exhilarating.  Both Brenda and I agreed that we would both definitely do it again.
   We also drove around through the mountains into some of the small towns and saw what life was like in these pretty little hamlets.  The town of Conway is on the eastern boarder of New Hampshire and Maine and is so quaint.  We went in and out of a few of the local shops looking at where I found a nice knife and where Brenda bought me a beautiful sword.
   That night we went back to the cabin fairly early and Brenda and I cooked an amazing dinner consisting of steak, potatoes, and fried plantanos. We retired to bed early but before we went to sleep I stepped out for a cigarette and as I was smoking I heard rustling next to me.  As I turned to look I saw a big bear walking next to the cabin.  I've never run so quick in my life. 
   The last day as we went home it began to rain.  We stopped at a park called "The Basin".  We trudged through the rain and saw what looked like a big toilet in the ground.  It was a massive whirlpool in the rock.  After we left there we drove home and went back to reality.  It rained the entire drive home but it really gave Brenda and I time to talk and get to be with each other. I loved this vacation.  I love Brenda so much, and now we're getting married.

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