Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our May weekend adventure

So Greg had Friday and Saturday off last week and since he'll be starting his new job this week we decided to make a weekend of it. I requested Friday off and don't work weekends so that was easy enough to accomplish. We live in beautiful New England and love to go on long scenic drives. I happen to be horrible with finding locations so he took me the next state over to show me how to get to his new job in case I ever had to get out there. We ended up journeying through Massachusetts and a little into to Vermont. Mainly Massachusetts though. If you have ever been up this way and been to the Berkshires than you know how pretty it is out that way.

Travelling through we decided to go find the Hoosic Tunnel. I'm not sure if we mentioned it but we're kind of ghost enthusiasts. Well we really like haunting's so we are the kind of creepy couple that look up cemeteries and haunted locations and head out to them to see what it's like for ourselves.

Greg waiting it out
Me getting creeped out
The deserted steep road.

 Well on a back road into the land of darkness we hit a steep grade in the road that caused us to need a cool down for the brakes. This road was pitch black and apparently not many people drive that road. In total 5 people passed by and the only one who stopped was the first person to drive by who was willing to help out if we needed it. Thank you guy in the huge red truck. Currently we live in Connecticut but I want to move to Vermont so badly it seems like I'm going to burst at times. I absolutely loath living in Connecticut. Don't get me wrong it's really pretty out here too but a lot of the people can be so snide and just down right mean. Besides I work a minimum wage job in a very expensive state.

Six Flags was scary too
I just wanted to give you a sight into what we saw. And for a terrifying addition we hit a few tag sales this weekend too and caught a glimpse of something that should be shared. One pic is from the six flags horror show on mother's day and the other ones are from our tag sale terror.
Booty shorts & no bra. Why?

She was way too old for that

My sunday baking fest

I decided saturday night to make strawberry muffin's and muffin tops. Sunday morning I woke up and began making homemade Mc Griddles. Yeah that was a flop it was more like a maple flavored wafer because I failed to put enough baking powder in the batter. I settled on making chocolate whoopie pies with strawberry cream cheese filling another with coconut cream cheese filling and a special one for Greg with peanut butter cream cheese filling.

Failed Mc Griddles
Whoopie pie success
Since failing miserably at my maple pancake wafers I decided to go safe and follow the recipe on the whoopie pie pan and came to find that it's freaking good. I couldn't stop licking the airy batter off the mixer blades and the spatula gave up fighting me off. lol I know I can be an outrageously cheesy person but I am who I am. Along with maple wafers and chocolate whoopie pies I am making cornbread for dinner tonight with Greg's chili from scratch. Mmmmmmm I love it.

I have no pics of the chili and cornbread since it was devoured before either of us thought to take a pic. It was so good that I wanted seconds but when there are 3 people eating and only enough for four it's not fair to be the greedy one. Although I seem to be the only one with this thought because his dad promptly devoured a second bowl lol.

Greg's addition to my muffin tops
Since the strawberry muffin tops were a hit Greg made dessert out of them. Holy cow they were so good. Tell me I don't have a food genius at home and I'll let you know quickly your wrong. Greg has so many good ideas and I love when he gets in the kitchen and goes for it.

The whoopie pies had to be frozen because there was no way they were getting eaten that night. I must say they hold up very well frozen. According to Greg he says they taste similar to a frozen devil dog which are so good.

The strawberry muffin top recipe was from joyofbaking.com and the whoopie pie recipe came from the whoopie pie pan from Wilton. The failed Mc Griddle was all my own.