Saturday, November 3, 2012

Babble and Hurricane Sandy

So it's been quite a while hasn't it? We finally moved into our apartment with a working oven lol. I know it might not seem like a huge thing to some people but I am so excited. I have been baking like a fiend and we gobble it all up or hand it out to family. My most recent thing is pineapple coconut muffins I'm making tonight.

The most time consuming and dedicated project for us is our upcoming wedding in January. Talk about a time crunch. For those of you who don't know we are doing all the baking, decorating, invites to envelopes and yes even gift boxes here in our living room. On my days off which are few and far between. I have never made any of  these paper crafts because it never really was my thing. I intend on posting every weekend about our progress and since I'm a photo freak you'll see my disastrous beginnings as well.

Hopefully it all goes as planned but if not it's a small wedding of immediate family and closest of friends only. They'll understand lol. Luckily the food is being made by my mom, Greg's mom and possibly my dad because that man can cook.

With all the stress that went on this week with Hurricane Sandy we forgot a few important thing's but luckily all of our family was safe and sound. Unfortunately there are those who were flooded out and sadly many lost their lives. We send our condolences to those who faced a much more severe outcome of the storm than we did.

Brenda & Greg